Accurately describing the job roles in a business is valuable for many reasons. Current and relevant Position Descriptions allow businesses and employees to clear up any confusion around tasks, level of responsibility and accountability, physical requirements, licence requirement and key performance indicators.

The practice of circulating or reviewing Position Descriptions on an annual basis allows all parties to be clear on the actual elements of the role, the industrial instrument of employment (Modern Award or Agreement), wage rates and performance expectations.

This annual review process also helps avoid a task perception creep and task importance shift. Task perception creep is when the tasks the business requires of a role and the tasks that some individuals undertaking the role may take on themselves differ over time. In some instances the tasks individuals take on will need to be acknowledged as role evolution, other times it may be necessary to refocus the individual. Task importance shift is when the importance of a task to the business and to the position holder changes over time.

Getting this right is difficult and time consuming, but will pay dividends. The place to start is to draft effective Position Descriptions for the roles in your business.  ACAPMA members can access Quick Reference Guides and Template Position Descriptions for Driveway Attendant, Console Operator,  Fuel Driver, Distribution Facility Worker and Clerk. Call 1300 160 270 or email to access these templates and assistance in implementing them in your busines