Clear communication of expectations allows businesses to address loose cannons and manage misconduct

That’s inappropriate

Businesses who have clearly articulated misconduct policies are better situated to address and manage issues such as: inappropriate behaviour in the workplace; misrepresentation; bringing the business into disrepute or any other behaviour that the business has determined to be unacceptable.

Managing or terminating staff on the basis of misconduct allows businesses to respond to these serious breaches of trust and behaviour in a work environment. In order to utilise this power businesses needs to have a clear misconduct policy that:

  • is written to reflect the realities of the business;
  • is communicated to all staff;
  • outlines expected behaviour and repercussions for failure to demonstrate expected behaviour; and
  • is enforced in a consistent and predictable fashion.

You’re out

When an employee engages in unconscionable conduct or demonstrated behaviour that is unacceptable to the business a strong, consistently enforced policy allows that employee to be terminated on the spot or immediately placed into a performance management program.

Consistency is key

It is important when designing and applying misconduct policies, indeed all policies, that they are consistent with other policies and that they are enforced consistently. This latter element is very important for on the spot terminations for misconduct. The business must consistently utilise the policy so if one employee displays the same misconduct they receive the same treatment as all others that have displayed that misconduct in the past.

Any deviation from previous treatment of misconduct within the business must be justified within the management team.

Here to help

Misconduct policies are part of the “must have” policies that every business should have, communicate to staff and enforce. ACAPMA members are reminded that ACAPMAlliance has a series of resources from Quick Reference Guides to template letters for misconduct and performance management that can assist with ensuring compliant and consistent responses in this area, and can call on the advice and support of the ACAPMAlliance Workplace Relations Professionals on 1300 160 270.

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