All businesses are required to issue the Fair Work Information Statement to all new employees on commencement, and to all existing employees at least once. Recent changes within the Fair Work Act have pushed through changes in the Fair Work Information Statement. ACAPMA reminds members that now is the time to check on compliance in this important area, and to issue all staff with a copy of the latest Fair Work Information Statement.

A simple thing to get right

As ACAPMA explored in previous HR Highlights there is a requirement for all businesses to issue all new starters, and all existing staff, with a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement. This document is produced by the Fair Work Ombudsman and outlines in plain English, the rights of the employee.

A costly thing to get wrong

Failure to issue the Fair Work Information Statement to a single employee can result in a $6,600 fine to individuals and a $33,000 find to businesses, per offence.

Time to review

The document has been updated and thus it is time to review and reissue to staff to ensure compliance. ACAPMA recommends documenting the circulation of this document by either having it distributed in a traceable electronic fashion or having staff sign a register to ensure that it is distributed to all employees. Click here for a copy of the latest Fair Work Information Statement.

Here to Help

ACAPMA members are reminded that the ACAPMAlliance Workplace Relations Professionals are available to assist with all employment matters. For more information just call 1300 160 270.

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom (HRM & IR)
ACAPMA Workplace Services Manager