Public Holidays offer an opportunity to connect with friends and family, but for business they can create a pressure on the roster and create confusion for payroll.  In light of the recent public holiday period, this week’s HR Highlight will review the fundamentals of public holidays.

Basics: Employment Instruments

Public holidays are broadly provided fro under the National Employment Standards but it is important to review the Modern Award, or employment instrument that the employee is engaged under to determine special treatment for some days and the rates and minimum hours to be offered. ACAPMA members are reminded that ACAPMA can provide advice and support on the operation of public holidays in the industry as well as resources on the calculation and application of public holiday rates.
Basics:  Working on a public holiday

When a full- or part-time employee works a public holiday they have to be paid for the public holiday PLUS paid a premium or penalty for working on what should have been a day off for them.

Similarly casuals are entitled to receive the public holiday rates when working a public holiday.

Basics: Not working on a public holiday

In the event that an employee, whether they are permanent or casual, is not usually scheduled to work on a designated public holiday they are not entitled to public holiday pay or time in lieu as there is no loss on their part.

So if an employee usually works Monday to Friday and the public holiday falls on a Saturday there is no change to the employees week or wage.  Similarly if the employee usually works Wednesday to Sunday and the public holiday falls on a Monday there is no change to the employees week or wage.

Basics:  Substitute Days

Employers can discuss with their employees to arrange to substitute a public holiday for another day which the employee can take as their designated public holiday.

Regional Holidays

It is also important to note that Regional Public Holidays may apply in a businesses area of operations and will be treated as public holidays if applicable. For a list of Regional Holidays please click here.

State Public Holiday

2014 – Click here for a list 

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