Motoring organisation NRMA agrees that petrol prices in the bush are too high and that pressure is already forcing the big players to reduce prices.

The NRMA’s Peter Khoury urged people who felt they were being ripped off to get on social media and spread the word about price gouging and cheaper alternatives.

He said he agreed with the latest conclusions made in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s report into petrol pricing in regional areas, which said prices were way too high compared to those in capital cities.

“We have looked at that report and we think that has done exactly what we wanted to do and that is calling the petrol companies out for unfair pricing in regional areas,” Mr Khoury said.

“What the report did was that it showed the gap between the main capitals was 17 cents a litre in the lead-up to Christmas, when it is normally a difference of five cents a litre.

“Where locals feel like they are getting ripped off, they can get on social media. It has worked in Tamworth, Maitland, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

“They named and shamed and they forced the big companies to reduce their prices.”

Extracted in full from ABC.