MOTORISTS filling up in Nambour are getting a much better deal than those at the bowser anywhere else on the Coast.

Two Nambour outlets were selling unleaded petrol for 112.9 cents a litre while Maroochydore motorists just 16kms away were paying 139.9cpl.

This is the largest disparity in petrol prices we have seen on the Sunshine Coast and motorist Geoff Isaac knew it was too good to miss.

The Maroochydore resident waited patiently for five cars to fill up before him at the Nambour Shell Panorama service station last Thursday morning so he wouldn’t miss out on the cheap fuel.

While those who filled up at the higher price yesterday may be feeling like they got a raw deal, RACQ senior transport economist Susan Furze said it was a positive sign Coast motorists had the best of both worlds. Ms Furze said there were now two different petrol pricing structures within the region.

Nambour had adopted a flat-price structure and the four retailers RACQ had been tracking – the Caltex/Woolworths, Coles Express, 7Eleven and Matilda – set their prices competitively against one another.

This is similar to what motorists in regional parts of the state would be used to.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Coast is following the price cycle, featuring large peaks and troughs. “It makes the Sunshine Coast an interesting market,” Ms Furze said.

“While Nambour has often been on our radar as one of the cheapest places to buy petrol since December, 2013, there have been times, in the middle of January for example, where we saw other sections of the Sunshine Coast cheaper than Nambour at the lower part of the price cycle. This means motorists who shop around can secure a better price no matter what day of the week it is.”

Despite the two price structures, Ms Furze said there was nothing more powerful than sending a message with your wallet.


Fuel prices around the region

BP Moffat Beach, Buccleugh St – 133.9

BP Mooloolaba, Brisbane Rd – 139.9

Matilda Bli Bli, David Low Way – 125.9

7 Eleven, Nambour Connection Rd – 118.9

Caltex/Woolworths Nambour, Currie St – 112.9

Extracted in full from the Sunshine Coast Daily.