We have explored the appropriate process for calling a performance management meeting, the process of the actual meeting and the role of the support person and how to manage inappropriate actions of the support person in a performance management meeting, herehere,  hereherehere , and here.  This week we are going to quickly review the steps for when the employee walks out of a performance management meeting before it is concluded.

When an employee is called into a performance management meeting there is a reason.  That reason is to air a breach, discuss it, understand each parties side of the story, and inform the business decision of how to proceed from that point; to retraining, to performance management or to termination.

When an employee leaves this meeting before these steps are completed it is important that the process is paused to be completed later.  All of the steps are important and must be completed.  If the employee leaves the meeting before the steps are completed then the remaining steps should be addressed by other means.

For example if the meeting is called and the employee leaves as the breaches are being aired then the process should be paused and the employee contacted to arrange another time to complete the meeting.  This is because the breach should be discussed and any mitigating circumstances understood before the business makes a decision.

In this example a letter, email, text and/or phone call should be made to attempt to set a time to finish the meeting.  In that communication it should be made clear that if the employee will not engage in the performance management meeting and process then the likely outcome will be termination.

If there is no response, within a reasonable time frame, from the employee then the business must proceed as if there has been a breakdown in the employment relationship and termination processes should proceed on that basis.

Managing performance is a daily task, one that requires the engagement and involvement of the employees. When there is a breach of company policy this is even more important, to ensure the best outcome for the business and the employee and to ensure that procedural fairness is followed.  If an employee walks out of a meeting they should be given a chance to gather themselves and then return to the process, if they choose not to engage in the process the business is left with little choice but to terminate, but there are steps and basic considerations that must be undertaken before reaching that point.

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