Unleaded petrol prices in Perth will increase by nine cents a litre to an average of $1.33/l on Thursday.

Most BP and Coles Express sites are increasing their prices by 13cpl to $1.37/l and the majority of Caltex, Caltex Woolworths and Puma sites to $1.36/l.

Wednesday’s cheapest unleaded can be found in the eastern suburbs at BP Maida Vale and Gull High Wycombe – both $1.21/l.

In the southern suburbs at Puma Atwell, Kewdale and Warnbro, Gull Welshpool and at Vibe Charles Street in Perth the price will be $1.20/l.

Wednesday’s cheapest diesel, at around $1.24/l, can be found at Vibe Charles Street, United Armadale and Roleystone.

FuelWatch said there were still 35 sites selling below $1.23 a litre on Thursday, which you can view on its website.

Thursday’s cheapest unleaded can be found at Vibe Charles Street in Perth for $1.17/l.

Unleaded fuel in the eastern suburbs will be cheapest at United Roleystone for $1.22/l and at Caltex Woolworths South Lake, Southern River, Puma Atwell and Warnbro in the south all for $1.20/l.

The difference between the highest and lowest priced sites is 21cpl, so you can save up to $12 on a 60 litre tank of fuel.

Perth fuel prices are usually cheapest on Wednesday and at their most expensive on Thursday.

Extracted in full from the Herald Sun.