After a day of intense scrutiny from local motorists and media, BP Ludmilla dropped its unleaded petrol price by 8¢ on Wednesday.

Petrol Prices at BP Ludmilla on Bagot Road on May 20

The service station dropped its price to 136.9¢ a litre, down from 144.9¢ a litre on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s jump in prices highlighted ongoing petrol price discrepancies across Darwin, with the nearby United selling ethanol-mix Plus ULP for as little as 121.3¢ a litre, including the common AANT/United membership discounts.

When approached for comment on fluctuating prices, a BP spokeswoman said the company had a blanket policy to not comment on retail fuel pricing.

The spokeswoman reiterated the no comment in the wake of the price drop.

Yesterday’s price drop slashed BP’s mark-up by more than half, but it stayed 4.6¢ a litre dearer than the nearby United, which was among a number of service stations which again set their prices at 132.3¢ a litre.

AANT sales and marketing manager Kym McInerney said BP’s decision to raise its prices on Tuesday came after weeks of narrowing retail profit margins. Yesterday’s decision to slash its prices came despite a 0.4¢ a litre rise in the wholesale terminal gate price. Based on yesterday’s wholesale and retail prices, BP Ludmilla’s 6.1¢ a litre mark-up was on par with national averages.

Extracted in full from Perth Now.