This week’s HR Highlight will explore the latest batch of Chain of Responsibility laws which recently began in Western Australia.


Unlike the rest of the country, Western Australia did not sign up to the National Heavy Vehicle Laws administered by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.  The introduction of the WA specific CoR changes places a similar level of responsibility on all parties in the supply chain as theNational CoR laws.  This includes packers, loaders, consigners, company directors, employers and partners.

In discussing the new laws recently, WA Transport Minister Dean Nader encouraged all parties in the supply chain to “review existing procedures and identify areas that may need attention to prevent a breach of mass, dimension and load-restraint requirements”.  All parties in the supply chain need to be able to demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to prevent breaches and to be aware of an manage potential breach situations.

For more on the WA CoR laws please click here []

National operations

Operators based in Western Australia, who have operations that cross into other jurisdictions still have the requirement to comply with those jurisdictions laws, including Heavy Vehicle Laws and regulations.

For more on the National Heavy Vehicle Laws see the NHVR website

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