The NRMA says there’s a $580 million backlog of repairs needed for roads in western New South Wales.

The company’s latest ‘Funding Local Roads’ report, released yesterday, showed a $3.2 billion backlog overall in infrastructure funding.

The NRMA says that is the amount needed to make roads satisfactory.

NRMA Director Fiona Simson said local government couldn’t keep up with fixing the roads and more of the fuel excise should be put towards the state’s roads.

She said bad roads put people’s lives at risk.

“We need good, better, safer roads in regional areas,” she said.

“Regional people travel huge kilometres every year and it’s important the regional network is kept up to scratch.”

Ms Simson said local government couldn’t keep repairing damaged roads.

“Local government clearly can’t afford the upkeep required on this huge infrastructure network,” she said.

“We do need a greater percentage of fuel excise and a real look at this issue.”

She is calling on the Federal and State Government to factor road funding into their respective budgets which will be delivered later this month.

Extracted in full from ABC.