COUNCILS on the NSW North and Mid-North coast are burdened with the state’s biggest road repair and upgrade backlog, according to a report by the National Roads and Motorist’s Association (NRMA).

The North and Mid-North-Coast backlog totals $948 million, a major part of the total $3.2 billion shortfall faced by NSW councils.

Councils on the Mid-North Coast have the state’s biggest infrastructure backlog at $608.4 million combined.

The NRMA estimates Coffs Harbour City Council has a road infrastructure backlog of $57.95million.

This figure pales in comparison to the Port Macquarie Hastings council which has a $225.1 million road repair and upgrade backlog. The greatest of any single NSW council.

On the North Coast, Clarence Valley has a $224 million shortfall – the second biggest.

“The story of roads in this area does not end with the Pacific Hwy,” NRMA Director Wendy Machin said.

“In addition to local traffic, the local roads of the North and Mid-North coast are used by hundreds of thousands of visitors.”

The NRMA called for a greater contribution from the fuel excise to help all regional and local councils fund roads. Last year, the fuel excise raised $15 billion, yet only some $6 billion of the amount collected was spent on the nation’s roads.

Extracted in full from Coffs Coast Advocate.