WELL it didn’t take long for Ken O’Dowd and Joe Hockey’s  “Have a Go” Federal budget to take effect.

My local servo whacked the price of unleaded fuel up 11 cents a litre the day after so the fuel barons are really having a “go” at the motorist as a result of Joe’s “get out and spend” missive.

Watch for food prices to rise accordingly as the retail giants cash in on the coalition’s smoke and mirrors economic fix.
With the fix it budget simmering away and the tail plumage growing back under the PM, watch for a ramping up campaign against the Union movement and an industry groups purge on the industrial relations system.

If fuel prices are any indication the cost of living is about to skyrocket and Unions will rightly be pushing for a catch up in workers ‘ pay packet.

Employers will demand their coalition friends legislate against any unrest arising before the next election.
– Don Schmidt, south Gladstone

Extracted in full from Whitsunday TImes.