ACAPMA is again representing members and the industry at the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT) today as it discussed the proposed Order to apply to the Oil, Fuel and Gas industry.
The proposed Order, put forward by the union, seeks to further regulate the relationship between fuel, oil and gas transport companies, their drivers and their customers.  The proposed Order seeks to place consultation, record keeping and auditing requirements onto all parties in the supply chain that extend beyond the current Chain Of Responsibility requirements and include a focus on supply and employment contracts as well as detailed maintenance record keeping and auditing by fuel, oil and gas purchasers.
ACAPMA has been involved in the proceedings to date as part of the Associations ongoing commitment to safety initiatives and engagement with the industry on safety outcomes.  ACAPMA continues to engage in an effort to ensure that any Order applied to the industry is workable, reasonable and focused on delivering tangible safety outcomes and not simply a duplication or extension of compliance without public benefit.
For more on the proposed Order see the RSRT website