The consumer watchdog’s verdict on fuel prices in Armidale is in, and it says there’s been no price collusion.

In January prices were up around $1.30 $1.40 a litre compared to $1.07 and $1.02 in Sydney.

The Nationals member for the Northern Tablelands, Adam Marshall called for a review.

“Essentially the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has cleared the local retailers of price collusion in Armidale, but interestingly in its report they have admitted that Armidale’s consistently high fuel prices are a concern and they will continue to monitor the situation.” He said.

Mr Marshall said the ACCC did identify a lack of competition in the town.

“They did say that virtually out of the six retailers in Armidale, almost all of them are controlled by two entities, so there is a significant lack of competition in Armidale, but that is not evidence of price collusion in itself.” He said.

He added that the Commission has indicated it is considering Armidale for the location of its third regional fuel market study this year.

Mr Marshall also believes the ACCC should consider publishing a recommended fuel pricing schedule based on location.

Extracted in full from ABC.