Fuel leakage from underground storage tanks and pipes is a serious issue in petrol stations worldwide, and an Australian invention is helping solve the problem

Showa Kiki Kogyo, a leading Japanese supplier and manufacturer of equipment for service stations, has obtained accreditation from the Japan Association for Safety of Hazardous Materials to use the Statistical Inventory Reconciliation Analysis (SIRA) solution developed by Leighton O’Brien as a continuous leak detection method.

SIRA will help protect Japanese service stations from potentially disastrous environmental hazards – as associated clean-up costs – such as soil or ground water contamination.

“This is a great example of how Australian technology can add value to Japanese businesses. I commend Leighton O’Brien for persevering to succeed in this sophisticated market,” Senior Trade Commissioner of Austrade Japan, Leonie Muldoon said.

SIRA is a comprehensive and effective management tool which helps reduce the risk and cost of managing tank systems by detecting leaks not only from underground storage tanks, but also from fill piping, suction piping and dispensers. It can also detect water ingress, fuel theft and over dispensing in a timely manner.

It has the capacity to monitor an entire network of tanks allowing service station owners and managers to proactively identify and address problems in their network in a timely manner.

“The cost savings that can be realised through proactive and early detection of fuel loss using SIRA are significant,” Showa Kiki Kogyo President Mr Shinsuke Maeshiba said. “By managing inventories continuously with highly reliable analysis and detailed reporting provided by SIRA, over-dispensing, theft and/or leaks from a tank system can be detected early and large damage expenses associated with accumulated losses can be avoided.”

“Showa Kiki Kogyo’s solution incorporates our industry-leading wetstock management algorithms which have been used by major oil companies around the world, including BP, Caltex, Chevron, Engen, 7-11 and Sheetz,” Leighton O’Brien CEO Reed Leighton said.

“It is particularly effective for helping meet regulatory compliance requirements and we are excited about bringing this service to the Japanese market in collaboration with Showa Kiki Kogyo.”