Member for Bundaberg Leanne Donaldson has been taking calls and inquiries from the Bundaberg community about the recent released proposal of a biofuel mandate.

“My office has had a lot of calls over the last few days asking questions about what the proposal will mean for residents,” Ms Donaldson said.

“There has been some confusion about what exactly the 2% would mean for motorists, so I thought I would clear up some misconceptions out there.”

Firstly, motorists will continue to have a choice to use premium unleaded without ethanol.

Drivers of older cars who use lead replacement or those still preferring to use straight unleaded will be able to continue to do so.

Ms Donaldson said the mandate means ethanol blend must constitute 2% of all petrol sold in Queensland.

“To achieve this, the mandate would make E10 fuel more available to the public,” she said.

“It relates directly to E10 labelled petrol, which contains 10% ethanol.

“To reach the two present targets it would mean at least 20% of fuel would need to be ethanol blend.”

Ms Donaldson said most cars manufactured after 1986 are compatible with ethanol-blended fuels and advised to check your handbook if unsure.

Ethanol can be made from sugarcane and grain.

Extracted in full from Bundaberg News Mail.