At a recent event in Sydney BP Dealers came together to explore and discuss what is important to their businesses and safety was key.

BP Dealers came from all over NSW to share learn and develop their businesses.  A key theme of the days event was the importance of building and managing a safety and compliance culture onsite.

ACAPMA’s Elisha Radwanowski attended the event to host a discussion on how to ‘make safety matter’.  The practical session explored how to make toolbox talks more effective, how to embed and refresh training to deliver deeper understanding, and how to review industry incidents in a high impact, outcomes focused manner.

“Safety and compliance is not as ‘fun’ as merchandising or sales.  But these businesses are not only engaging with their staff on safety and compliance, they are seeking ways to improve that engagement and drive even better results at a site level.  That is exactly the approach that should be commended,” Elisha said.

“Safety and compliance is more than an item on a list, it is more than something that can be done and ticked off.  Safety and compliance is something that needs continual focus, attention and engagement.  It is never done.  The only way to ensure a lasting focus on safety and compliance throughout the whole business, is by following a plan for engagement and doing a little bit often.”

BP Dealers are not alone with their drive to build continuous, cultural based, safety engagement platforms.

“Many businesses are approaching the Association to assist them in moving their safety management systems to the next level of involvement and engagement.  It is a really active part of the Association offering,” Elisha said.

BP Dealer days will continue across the country throughout the year.

ACAPMA invites all members to contact the office on 1300 160 270 like to discuss “making safety matter” in their businesses.