BP has been fined $8500 after a faulty pump leaked fuel into the stormwater system at Coolum.

A Sunshine Coast Council spokesman said officers received complaint on May 2 about an odour coming from the service station on Beach Rd.

The council and BP found that a small quantity of fuel had leaked, eventually making its way into a waterway.

“The cause of the leak was found to be a faulty pump which had caused fuel to leak into the slab below and into the groundwater,” the spokesman said.

“The heavy rain from early May shifted the ground water, which is unusual, and resulted in the contaminated groundwater entering the stormwater system.”

He said BP applied remedial action to remove the contaminated soil two weeks ago.

“In addition, to increase their ability to maintain the integrity of the site and the stormwater systems, BP organised an additional drain to filter any future leaks.”

The council has since met with and referred the matter to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection who will now take over with follow up environmental monitoring.

Extracted in full from Sunshine Coast Daily.