Caltex Australia has moved quickly to respond to fuel issues at the M4 Eastbound site in Sydney.

Caltex shut down the pumps for that product as soon as the issue was known.

The problem is isolated to the E10 product at this site only – there are no other products or sites affected.

Caltex is sorry for the inconvenience to customers and will fully reimburse them for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a result of the fuel.

Customers are encouraged to hold onto their receipts and call our customer team on 1800 240 398 for assistance. We take the quality of our fuel very seriously.

Caltex prides itself on supplying high quality fuel and responds quickly in the rare case of any problems such as that occurring today.

The issue is being investigated by our technical team and it appears that water may have entered the tanks.

The affected pumps will remain offline until the issue has been rectified.