THE State Government is looking set to support a proposal which will force all petrol consumers to use ethanol-added fuels.

This pro-ethanol campaign, which includes extensive promotions and petitioning, is funded by and large, by companies and people with ethanol interests.

And there’s another interesting thing about this.

A main promoter, not three months ago, wrote that people shouldn’t use E10 in their lawnmowers, because lawnmowers were seizing up due to the E10 petrol.

It’s not just lawnmowers. Those who are promoting this bill know full well that it will cause a lot of damage to a lot of motors.

The ALP State Government shouldn’t be considering this.

The ALP, Katter, and all others with an interest here, should start thinking beyond their own bank balances, because forcing consumers to use ethanol added fuels when so much damage will occur is wrong.



Extracted in full from the Fraser Coast Chronicle.