Community input is being sought on how best to prevent and deal with fuel drive-offs.

The Victorian Parliament’s Law Reform, Road and Community Safety Committee has commenced a public inquiry into the problem and its cost to industry and the community.

“The Committee will investigate the circumstances that lead to someone filling up their vehicle at a petrol station and driving off without paying,” said Committee Chair Geoff Howard.

“We are looking at the measures needed to prevent this happening and the sorts of remedies that need to be in place when this does happen,” he said.

“Over the coming months, we will talk to a broad range of people, including the service station industry, legal experts, business peak bodies and government agencies.

“We also welcome the views of community members who may have experience dealing with this issue and suggestions for how best to tackle it.”

The Committee has called for written submissions which focus on:

  • best practice approaches to prevent fuel drive-offs, including educational and technological measures and co-regulatory approaches to enforcement
  • current civil and criminal remedies to address fuel drive-offs
  • possible linkages between fuel drive offs and crime, such as number plate or vehicle theft.

The inquiry’s full terms of reference and information about how to make a submission can be found on the Committee’s website

The closing date for submissions is 17 July 2015.