RACQ has today backed the Queensland Government’s proposal for a phase-in of ethanol-blended fuel with a two percent mandate.

RACQ Executive Manager Public Policy Michael Roth said the current proposal would maintain choice for Queensland motorists.

“A two percent mandate means 20 percent of all petrol sold in Queensland would be E10, roughly doubling current sales,” Mr Roth said.

“What we need to avoid is the situation in New South Wales, where their six percent mandate, requiring 60 percent of petrol sold to be E10, has seen an almost complete removal of regular unleaded fuel from service stations.

“It’s critical that Queensland motorists are still able to choose their preferred fuel at the bowser and a two percent mandate ensures regular unleaded will remain available across the State.

“When the mandate is in place, almost 90 percent of vehicles in Queensland will be compatible with E10 and this number will increase.”

Mr Roth said any future policies would require an education campaign from Government to ensure motorists are making informed decisions on the fuel they buy.
RACQ’s policy on ethanol-blended fuels is available at www.racq.com/FuelsAndEnergy.

The State Government discussion paper is available at https://www.dews.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/274406/ethanol-discussion-paper.pdf

Extracted in full from the Bundaberg News Mail.