Perth Now, July 3 2015

A ROADHOUSE owner, a good Samaritan bystander and two other workers were attacked by a violent mob outside a petrol station south of Perth.

Pinjarra police want the public’s help to track down the offenders at the Placid Ark Roadhouse on the South Western Highway in Coolup on Wednesday afternoon.

Police say about 3.40pm the petrol station owner was alerted to a disturbance outside the roadhouse and when he approached a white Mitsubishi Lancer a man got out of the car and punched him in the face.

“While on the ground, other occupants exited the vehicle and have hit the owner,” a police spokesman said.

A man who was refuelling his vehicle nearby tried to help the owner, but was hit to the side of the head.

Two female workers came to assist but received minor injuries at the hands of two women in the vehicle.

The five occupants of the Lancer left the petrol station and drove north on the South Western Highway towards the Pinjarra townsite.

The petrol station owner and customer were taken to Peel Health Campus for treatment.

A statement on the roadhouse’s Facebook page claimed staff told the owner there was a drunk person threatening to throw large beer bottles at customers.

“For the safety of customers, the owner spoke to the group of people involved, and asked them to take their rubbish and leave, however four of the five people began to assault the owner,” it stated.

“We are very concerned that one of the offenders struck an innocent customer to the side of the head rendering him unconscious.”

The post stated the customer suffered concussion and a laceration to his head. He is now at home recovering.

Staff suffered bruises and abrasions, while the owner also sustained a laceration to his forehead and top lip as well as a hairline fracture to his jaw.

Police say there were three men and five women in the Lancer. The driver is described as dark-skinned and aged between 30 and 40. All the passengers were described as dark-skinned and aged around 20.

Anyone with information can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Extracted in full from Perth Now.