The new wage rates finalised by the Fair Work Commission on June 18, 2015 come into effect on the first full pay period after July 1, 2015.  ACAPMA has distributed the ACAPMA Employment Quick Reference Guides on the relevant industry Awards and encourages all members, even if they are utilising an Enterprise Agreement, to check these guides and ensure that they are ready for the new rates.

Award Rates

ACAPMA Employment Department has summarised the new rates, and key provisions, for each of the following Awards into Quick Reference Guides;

  • Vehicle Manufacturing, Repair, Services and Retail Award 2010

o   for console operators, driveway attendants and roadhouse cooks


o   ACAPMA Employment – QRG – VMRSR Award – 201516 – V1.pdf

  • Road Transport and Distribution Award 2010

o   for fuel tanker drivers


o   ACAPMA Employment – QRG – RTD Award – 201516 – V2.pdf  Please note this is version 2

  • Clerks Private Sector Award 2010

o   for administrative staff


o   ACAPMA Employment – QRG – CPS Award – 201516 – V1.pdf

 It is important to note that the Quick Reference Guides do not cover all of the provisions of the Award, but are designed to capture the most commonly used provisions.

This is the 5th year that ACAPMA has produced these guides and it is important to ensure that you are referring to the correct year and version of the guide. The effective dates of the guide will be displayed on the first page.  Members are encouraged to ensure that the payroll has a copy of the new guides and is using the correct version.

Enterprise Agreements

If you have an Enterprise Agreement it is important that you review your Agreement to ensure that it is still at or above Award levels.

ACAPMA members are reminded that they can request copies of the Guides by emailing