By Leanne Nicholson, 06 July 2015

If you’ve been revolving your motoring life around filling up your car’s petrol tank on a Wednesday – stop. There’s a new cheap petrol day in town.

Monday is now the new bargain day to buy petrol in Perth after an adjustment of the price cycle.

WA Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said on Monday the state’s fuel watchdog had detected a new pricing pattern by Perth’s petrol outlets.

And the cheapest location for fuel is? Coles Express Mount Lawley was listed as consistently the cheapest site for unleaded petrol in Perth since the beginning of this year.

Caltex Woolworths South Lake has been named the cheapest site in the south and Better Choice Roleystone as the cheapest in the east.

“Until recently and for about five years, Perth had a predictable weekly price cycle where, on average, Wednesday was the cheapest day of the week to buy petrol and prices rose dramatically on a Thursday,” Mr Mischin said.

He said most Caltex service stations suddenly broke that pattern about the end of May and began to increase their prices earlier in the week, making the traditional cheap days the most expensive.

Other major fuel companies followed that lead.

“It appears that this new cycle has been established for several weeks now and we need to advise motorists to fill up on Mondays to take advantage of the new weekly price cycle,” Mr Mischin said.

“On any day, prices can vary widely from site to site and from brand to brand.

“The difference between the cheapest and most expensive has been up to 27 cents per litre, which is a $16 price difference for an average tank of petrol.”

Extracted in full from WA Today.