30 July 2015

MONTROSE Quarrying and Haulage has taken the fight against high fuel prices into their own hands, taking advantage of new technology to cut costs and reduce carbon emissions.

The company’s Rockhampton quarry has recently bought three Komatsu hybrid excavators, which combine diesel motors and electric capacitors.

Montrose Quarrying and Haulage’s Brad Starr said the company had almost halved its fuel use and had saved 7500L in one month with the hybrid machines.

Brad said the switch to the hybrid diggers was driven by concern over the company’s carbon emissions and “exorbitant” fuel prices in Rockhampton.

He said yesterday morning Rockhampton fuel prices were 14 cents dearer than Ayr, 6.9 cents dearer than Roma and 0.5 cents dearer than Mount Isa.

“These centres are obviously further away than Rockhampton from the import zones for the fuel and there is absolutely no justifiable reason as to why we have to pay these exorbitant prices,” Brad said.

“This is one way we’ve been able to combat that, effectively taking the fight into our own hands.

“Fuel makes up such a huge amount of your overheads, so it’s something that needs to be addressed.

“If that technology can be applied to road transport, we’d certainly be interested in looking at that as well.”

Fuel watch

Capricornia MP Michelle Landry is petitioning the ACCC to bring their fuel investigation to Rockhampton.

Have your say at michellelandry.com.au/petrol-price-petition/

Extracted in full from The Morning Bulletin.