LowerDawson United Petroleum manager Adi Chitndni said listing petrol pump prices online would prove beneficial for Central Queensland motorist.

“Most independents try to have the lowest fuel prices,” he said.

“An online petition that lists prices will be a big benefit for motorists and allow them to see where the cheapest fuel is.”

The Lower Dawson United is one of the cheapest outlets currently in Rockhampton.

“Our company sends through uniform prices to all petrol stations, not just in Rockhampton,” Mr Chitndni said.

“United is cheaper everywhere. We are sometimes the cheapest by two cents and other times by eight cents, it just depends.”

Mr Chitndni said the fuel watch survey would help monitor price variances and help deliver consistency.

“I would expect a decrease in fuel prices in the near future because they are very competitive,” he said.

“If the online survey is successful more people will be refilling at the cheaper stations and the big companies will be forced to lower their prices.”

12pm: ADRIENNE Jackson is tired of being ripped off at the petrol browser.

The Rockhampton business-owner spends anywhere from $200 to $500 a week travelling Central Queensland to deliver legal documents.

“It depends on what mileage I have to do in a week. It’s quite an expensive exercise,” Ms Jackson said.

“It costs a fortune here to keep your car on the road. I find it a big drain on the business itself, especially when you are paying $70 to $80 a tank.

“If I have enough fuel in my tank I will often drive as far as Duaringa and fill up.”

Ms Jackson said Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry’s online fuel-watch survey would make it easier for fuel companies to control prices.

“I thought it was the best idea I have heard in a long time,” she said.

“I’m really supportive of an online fuel watch. It’s great to see somebody finally doing something to stop the high-prices.”

“It’s becoming quite ridiculous that the ordinary person has to spend such a large sum of money.”

11am: ROCKHAMPTON motorists are being urged to get behind a campaign to end the great petrol gouge across the region.

Federal Member for Capricornia Michelle Landry has called on the help of local motorists – urging them to sign her new online petition which asks the ACCC to investigate fuel prices in Central Queensland.

Ms Landry launched the petition following community concern over yet another round of fluctuating fuel prices.

“Country drivers always seem to cop it in the hip pocket when it comes to filling up the family or farm vehicle compared to their capital city counterparts,” Ms Landry said.

“In recent times we have yet again seen a major fluctuation across Capricornia and in response I have set up an online fuel price petition to target action from the ACC.”

According to a recent ComSec study the Rockhampton area faced the biggest quarterly fuel price rise in 25 years – rising from $1.20 per litre in early 2015 to $1.47 in June.

“We need the Australian Competition and Consumer Commision to take this area seriously and come here to investigate,” Ms Landry said.

“I am asking drivers to go online and complete the digital petition so we can submit it to the ACCC.

Extracted in full from the Morning Bulletin.