Three men have been charged after a potentially hazardous substance was poured into drums at a disused petrol station on Yorke Peninsula in South Australia.

Police and emergency crews were called to the Marno Street property in Yorketown at 2:00am after reports a loud, hissing noise was coming from two 200-litre drums.

The petrol station was cordoned off for most of the day, but police said the exclusion zone around the site had now been lifted.

Authorities said there was no threat to the town and the exclusion zone had just been a precaution.

The Country Fire Service (CFS) said the area was now safe.

CFS regional officer Vaughn Elsworth said crews believed hydrochloric acid had been poured into the tanks.

“If there’s any residual risk now that’s where it is [in the area that’s immediately affected], it’s not through the rest of the town,” he said.

The accused men have been charged with property damage.

Extracted in full from: abc.net.au