How efficient is your car? It could be a lot less thirsty if driven by fuel efficiency experts, Helen and John Taylor, who have just set a new world record after slashing more than 25 per cent from the manufacturer’s claimed fuel consumption figure during their latest adventure.

Sometimes called the world’s most fuel efficient couple, having previously driven from Melbourne to Rockhampton on just one tank of diesel – an astonishing 2348.3km – the Taylors’ new record has more real-world relevance.

They have driven a family car — a 1.8-litre Volkswagen Passat, a petrol-powered one at that – around Australia in a figure-eight cutting through the red centre, with the goal of consuming 15 per cent less fuel than Volkswagen’s claim of 7.2L/100km.

The drive covered 18,830km and a wide variety of Australian terrain, including wildly varying surfaces, differing speed limits road works.

Nevertheless they managed an official average figure of 5.36L/100km – 25.5 per cent less than the manufacturer’s claim, and more like a compact diesel.

“We’re elated to be able to announce a new world record in fuel efficiency today,” said John Taylor, whose journey finished in Hobart, Tasmania after an epic 38 days in the saddle as part of the Caltex Vortex Fuel Efficiency Challenge.

“The seats are pretty comfy,” he joked when motoring.com.au asked how the journey went, noting that there were a few close calls with kangaroos along the way, not to mention an incredible lightning storm in the Kimberly.

“In 38 days we saved more than five tanks of petrol – imagine what you could do over 12 months!”

Helen explained the idea behind their latest challenge was to provide real-world results to show how using simple driving techniques can reduce your fuel bill and your CO2 emissions.

Recently announced as Clean Air Champions by the federal government, the couple said they met plenty of grey nomads on their journey and that a caravan fuel efficiency challenge could be on the cards next.

Their journey took them right around Australia, including 21 stops to conduct fuel-saving workshops across country, and one of the key factors to saving fuel was making sure tyre pressures are correct, the Taylors explained.

A calm state of mind is also crucial to driving smoothly and efficiently, they said.

Stay tuned for a special ‘fuel saving’ advice guide featuring the Taylors’ personal advice on how to save fuel money each week.