It’s the end of the road and the end of an era for one of the Melbourne’s last surviving full driveway service petrol stations.

The Evagora Brothers will close the doors to their Port Melbourne servo for the last time this weekend, ending the 90-year-old station’s life.

Brothers Barry and John bought the charming garage eight years ago but are now shutting up shop because of the ongoing costs of a legal battle with the state government.

Victoria’s Environmental Protection Agency says there are some old leaking pipes under the garage that need fixing – but the brothers contend their pipes are new and sealed tight.

“I don’t want to clean up a site that I don’t own and for the benefit of a landlord – it’s his asset,” John told 7News.

After already spending more than $200,000 fighting their battle in court, the small-business owners say it’s too much to bear.

But with the closing shop will be one more dead link to from past – actual service at a service station.

“That’s why they come here – that’s the difference between me and Coles and other big firms,” said John.

Extracted in full from:  au.news.yahoo.com