TOOWOOMBA North MP Trevor Watts has called on Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to select Toowoomba as a suitable location to undertake a regional fuel study program.

“I have contacted the ACCC to make them aware of community concern about high regional petrol prices, including fuel price differentials between regional locations and the larger cities,” Mr Watts said.

“In reference to the ‘distance and location factor’ I have sought clarification from the ACCC as to why Toowoomba fuel prices are often higher than those in more remote regional markets.

“It is my view that it doesn’t cost that much to drive a tanker-load of petrol up the Toowoomba Range compared with delivering it around Brisbane suburbs. The price in Toowoomba should be the same as Brisbane.”

“Currently the ACCC has established a new monitoring arrangement for the fuel sector.  These include quarterly ‘macro’ reports on fuel prices in all capital cities and around 180 regional locations.

“I have called on the ACCC to consider Toowoomba as a suitable location to undertake their ‘micro’ regional fuel market study.

“The aim of the regional market studies is to understand why prices are higher in certain regional locations and to identify and explain each component of prices paid at the bowser.

“Ultimately Toowoomba motorists are being ripped off and I certainly want to see regional Queensland locations like Toowoomba put under the magnifying glass by the ACCC,” Mr Watts said.

Extracted in full from: thechronicle.com.au