Country motorists were offered fair fuel prices last month, according to the RAA’s Regional Fuel Ratings chart.

Murray Bridge and Tailem Bend were ranked equal 10th on the 18-town chart, each receiving a score of 3.1 out of a total of five.

RAA senior analyst Chris West said the two Murraylands towns were just below the overall State score of 3.3, which was down from the previous month’s 3.9.

He also said the downward trend was likely to continue. “Although July was rated as ‘fair’, there are early signs that fuel pricing in South Australia will not continue to improve,” said Mr West.

“We’re seeing wholesale prices fall, but some country retailers are not passing the savings on to motorists.”

The only centres that saw their fuel ratings improve in July were Whyalla, Ceduna and Kadina.

The ratings for all other country areas dropped as retail fuel margins begun to grow again. Mr West said increasing margins were due to retailers not dropping their pump prices in line with falling wholesale prices.

“The ACCC recently gave their tick of approval that the gap between city and country fuel prices had almost evaporated in the March-June quarter,” Mr West said.

“However there are clear signs that it has begun to swing the other way again in July and early August.

“This is not the time for the ACCC to stop scrutinising country fuel prices, but to keep the pressure on the regional fuel industry to pass on any reductions in cost price.”

Extracted in full from:  murrayvalleystandard.com.au