DARWIN drivers are paying the same price at the bowser despite a fall in the wholesale cost.

The terminal gate price for unleaded petrol in Darwin fell just over 7¢ per litre from 129¢ to 121.7¢ over the last month but the average pump price for motorists has remained steadily around the 133¢ mark. The fluctuation meant the retailers made a profit of 12.1¢ yesterday from just over 4¢ in late July

AANT CEO Byron Henderson said the lack of movement in bowser price despite the drop was not unreasonable and motorists were still getting a good deal.

“The good news for Darwin motorist is that petrol is at a much more competitive price than where it used to be,” he said.

“Something we do is monitor prices on a daily basis and as soon as we see the margin rise (to an unacceptable level) we’ll be looking to step in.

“Prices have been acceptable and in line with the rest of the nation.”

While the TGP has fluctuated it is still a long way from the unprecedented mark-ups Territorians were paying last year. Before a fuel summit held in October the profit margin spiked to more than 35¢ a litre.

“In June this year the margin dropped quite significantly,” Mr Henderson said.

“In April it was around 12-13¢ … in early June the margins were very slim, about 1.6¢ to 1¢. What we saw was the companies selling the petrol at about cost price due to the increase in competition.”

Darwin was not the most expensive city for fuel yesterday, with Brisbane hardest hit at an average of 147.1¢, a 28.2¢ profit margin from its TGP.

Hobart residents were paying more than Top Enders at 140.6¢, an 16.8¢ profit margin on their TGP. Like Darwin, Hobart’s TGP has also dropped significantly from above 130¢ to below 124¢ yesterday but have not seen the cut filter down, paying consistently above 142¢ over the month until the drop yesterday.

Extracted in full from:  ntnews.com.au