The consumer watchdog has revealed Horsham motorists pay some of the highest fuel prices in Victoria, compared with their capital city counterparts.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) compiles quarterly monitoring reports comparing fuel price movements in all capital cities against 180 regional locations around the country.

Its purpose is to enhance the transparency of the petroleum industry and to increase public awareness of the factors that determine retail petrol prices in Australia.

The latest figures show that over the last financial year, fuel in Horsham, in western Victoria, cost 8.7 per cent more than the median average price in Australia’s capital cities, with Swan Hill close behind on 8.6 per cent and Mildura at 5.8.

Corryong retailers paid the most, with motorists there paying 12.1 per cent above the capital city average.

Bendigo motorists paid the least for fuel in the state, registering 2.9 per cent below the metropolitan average.

Extracted in full from:  abc.net.au