Those of you who attended last year’s National Conference & Expo would know that this event combines a unique blend of information provision, business opportunity generation and downright fun – and this year’s event promises to be no different. Those who didn’t attend, you will need to register, because you are in for a treat!

While our 2015 event is similar in format and location to that of last year, our theme of Changing the Dynamics is intended to reflect the fact that our industry is changing rapidly. As participants in this industry, we all need to understand these changes and then plan accordingly if we are to survive and thrive.

That said, few of us have any time to plan and think properly in this day and age – most of us are running hard just to survive. Yet having some idea about what is likely to happen in the future is crucial to ensuring that your business remains successful in the future.

So we have done some of the necessary thinking for you and have organised an array of expert speakers who will share their perspectives about the future in areas such as: global and national economic trends; consumer expectations; developments in forecourt technologies; and likely near-term changes in vehicle technologies and fuels.

The first conference session to be delivered will be at the Business Insight Breakfast on the first day of conference. ACAPMA has secured John Peters, Director (Economics), Senior Economist, Commonwealth Bank who will provide insight into the economic future of Australia. John is a Director (Economics) in Global Markets Research and is responsible for communicating the bank’s views to clients on trends in the Australian and international economies as well as the likely effect on interest rates and currency markets.

Following on from this session will be the first release of independent research commissioned by ACAPMA. The outcomes from this research will help us all understand what customers are looking for from the industry. Entitled ‘Customers First: Fuel Retail in Australia’, you will hear firsthand what customers are looking for. This session will be valuable to any persons who own or operate a service station site. The information delivered will provide some innovative customer service initiatives that could in some instances be simple to implement an ultimately benefit your business.

Another great session which forms part of the overall program; Changing the Legislative Landscape will give you an insight into the many changes impacting; environment, competition and transport. Michael Joyce, Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright will provide enlightening insight into the environment and how changes are likely to or will impact your business. Looking at legislative changes on competition, we are thrilled to announce the CEO from Master Grocers Australia, Jos de Bruin will present some interesting facts. Wrapping up this session and looking into legislative changes with regard to Transport, will be Michael Kaine, Assistant Secretary from the Transport Workers Union.

There is plenty more on the conference agenda; ‘A Burning Issue: Safety on the Forecourt’. This session looks into the current and very serious issues facing all of you on the safety, liability, work quality and economic risk on forecourts throughout the country.

ACAPMA has brought together business leaders from within their field to provide you with the differing perspectives from a; major oil, contractor, retailer and insurance and how without proper management, the industry could be faced with a catastrophic situation. ACAPMA has developed the solution to this problem, which will be presented during this session.
The final session of the conference entitled; Back to the Future: 20 Years from Now, will give you a futuristic view of what a typical site will look like in 2035. You will be amazed!

Our hope is that you walk away from the event with at least one practical insight that will help make your business more successful in the future. The ACAPMA team are looking forward to meeting you over the three days of this annual event. Come along, relax, celebrate, recharge and go away from the event with some new ideas to help make your business thrive in our ever changing industry.

You can register on the dedicated conference website.