EVERY Tuesday, every 10 days, maybe next Christmas … you may as well read tea leaves as guess the best time to buy petrol. But experts reckon a new cycle is worth following.

Until recently, motorists followed the mantra of filling up on “cheap Tuesdays” — and even then, some thought finding a good deal was a matter of luck.

But competition in the retail petrol game and disruption from independent dealers threw that system into meltdown, and motorists simply lost track.

Sharp upward moves in petrol prices forced the industry regulator to weigh in, Channel Nine viewers heard.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission began legal action against five of the biggest petrol retailers.

Channel Nine and the NRMA monitored prices in Sydney over the past 16 weeks and found them at their lowest every second Monday.

Extracted in full from:  dailytelegraph.com.au