PETROL prices seemed to have eased slightly, but residents aren’t happy Mackay has been more expensive than other towns of late.

Today in Mackay according to RACQ unleaded fuel is at $140.1, compared to Moranbah at $135.5 and the Whitsundays at $134.7.

Prices as high as $147.9 have been recorded in Mackay.

But the most expensive according to the website is Cloncurry at $154.4.

“I was actually quite shocked that diesel was cheaper then unleaded,” Skye La Carta said on Facebook.

“I live at Marian and last time I went to servo diesel was 139.9 compared to 147.9 for unleaded.

“Glad I own a diesel Landcruiser with the way the fuel prices are going in this town.”

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Extracted in full from: dailymercury.com.au