| 6th Aug 2015 5:00 AM

NAMBOUR’S enigmatic fuel prices have experts and residents baffled as to why the Coast’s cheapest place to fill up has become one of the most expensive.

Dads Travis Hoskin, 18, and Nick Fitton, 20, say they are among a group of mates who drive from Nambour to Bli Bli to fill up in response to higher than average prices.

Nambour last year and nearly the first half of this year was regarded as the cheapest place on the Coast to fill up, often bucking trends which encompassed the rest of South-East Queensland.

Yesterday there were four Nambour service stations selling unleaded for 136.9 cents a litre and one selling for 138.9 cents a litre.

Meanwhile there were multiple places across the Coast selling unleaded for less than 130 cents a litre.

“They were good for the last year and then out of nowhere just went up and up,” Mr Fitton said.

Extracted in full from: sunshinecoastdaily.com.au