At the National Conference and Expo on the Gold Coast today ACAPMA launches the National Petroleum Contractor Recognition Scheme, to bring standardised prequalification to the industry addressing the calls from fuel site operators and petroleum equipment and service providers for a standardised system for the large and growing number of independent fuel site operators seeking qualified and competent contractors.

The Scheme provides Recognition of petroleum contractor businesses, on the basis of insurance and credit checks as well as commitments to; safe work systems, appropriate engagement and remuneration of contractors and employees as well as the commitment to train all worksite staff in the essentials of petroleum environments by putting them through the ACAPMA Introduction to Working on Fuel Sites online training program.

The Scheme also has a regular and random audit component, that provides Fuel Site Operators peace of mind that Recognised Businesses are regularly checked for compliance.

The Scheme aims to standardise recognition and engagement at the independent fuel site level and complements and enhances the WPCG program.

Elaborating on the Schemes design and approach today at the launch ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie noted “This is the first stage in a multi-stage rollout.  Stage One includes for the standard pre-qualification and the provision of standardised introductory fuel environment training for all work site staff.  Stage Two will expand on this offering building career and development pathways included comprehensive Permit Writers courses and recognition”.

Grant Stillman, Principle Broker for industry insurer Arthur J Gallagher called the Scheme “something the industry really needs, and something we all need to get behind.”

Retailers and contractors have come out in support of the Scheme noting that it builds on and compliments the WPCG Scheme and provides a real industry standard for expectations and engagement, particularly for the independent fuel wholesale and retail site operators.

For more information on the Scheme, how it operates, what is involved, how much it costs and what people think of it please see the video on the Scheme at the link below, or see the attached brochure.

For more information on the ACAPMA National Petroleum Contractor Recognition Scheme please click here to see a short video.


If you would like to register for the Recognition Scheme, or you have any questions at all about its operation please send an email to