Lach Thompson, 15 September 2015

THERE’S a fuel price war taking place in Pine Rivers with a split of up to 30 cents a litre at stations across the area.

BP Kallangur had unleaded petrol on sale at 143.9 cents a litre, while Woolworths Caltex in Mango Hill was selling it for 113.9 — 107.9 with a shopper discount.

Woolworths, Caltex and BP all said do not comment on fuel prices, but, reader Renee Jardine posted on the Press Facebook page: “It’s because of Costco.’’

“The Shell and Caltex in Kallangur often drop their prices to match Costco.

“Caltex at Mango Hill always matches Costco’s price and Shell at Mango Hill and North Lakes often match it too.”

An industry insider said Costco drops its price and Woolworths and Coles-owned stations try to match it, even if it means selling the fuel below wholesale price.

The Australian Institute of Petroleum posts the Brisbane average terminal gate price — the average wholesale price — on its website, daily.

The Institute’s figures show the wholesale price on September 11 was about 121 cents a litre. The lowest the price has been in recent weeks was 113 cents a litre, on September 1.

This means even if Woolworths did not have to truck fuel in for ten days, once the shopper discount was factored in, the supermarket giant was selling its petrol below the average wholesale price.

It also means Costco is selling its fuel below the wholesale average — a move a spokeswoman from the retail giant said was a win for consumers.

“Costco aims to offer our members the best quality and value on everything we sell from diamonds to detergent, toilet paper and petrol,” the Costco spokeswoman said.

“We are very pleased that we are able to show our North Lakes members value at the pump.”

The website posts fuel prices to the web each day.

Yesterday it showed Costco was selling its fuel at 112.7 cents a litre and the rest of the market at about 113.9 cents a litre, with a few players still out by sizeable margins.

Extracted in full from the Courier Mail.