Danielle Maguire, 14 September 2015

UPDATE: BARNEY Street is now open to traffic in both directions after a Caltex Service Station petrol bowser caught fire on Monday afternoon.

Traffic was blocked for a short period to allow firefighters access to the station.

Police and firefighters remained on the scene to secure the site, opening the road to drivers after about 2.30pm.

Motorists are advised that bowsers have been cordoned off and traffic cones are blocking the station’s entrances.

EARLIER: A WOMAN is recovering in hospital after the car she was travelling in careened into a petrol bowser at the Caltex Service Station on Monday.

The accident happened about 1.45pm.

An eyewitness said a silver sedan careened into the bowser after swinging into the forecourt of the Caltex Service Station, on the corner of Marsh and Barney streets.

It caught fire on impact. Flames licked the forecourt’s awning, the eyewitness said.

Police, firefighters and paramedics were on the scene within minutes of the accident happening.

The driver of the vehicle was assessed by paramedics at the scene. His condition is not yet known.

Police and firefighters remain.

They have cordoned off Barney Street and are advising motorists to avoid the area.

Full report in Wednesday’sExpress.

Extracted in full from the Armidale Express.