Fairfax Media, 17 September 2015

Blayney Caltex was originally purchased by Jim and Pam Newman in 1975.

After operating as a petrol station for two years, the three squash courts were built and they also became a stockist of Husqvarna and Victa garden products.

The petrol station was then re-named Blayney Squash and Service Centre.

Over the next few years, the business was leased to the Moxom family.

Whilst leasing the Service Station, the fuel depot was created at Maria Street, Blayney and Newman’s Fuels was born.

The depot provided fuel and oil deliveries to farmers and businesses in the local area and also introduced fuel accounts.

At the end of the lease, Newman’s took over the business again and the building was refreshed and refurbished to become a Shell branded Service Station.

After a few more years, the business was again leased to the Hamer family who built up the garden side of the business.

The Burns/ Black families then leased the business and the Hamer’s decided to relocate the garden products to a different location, to once again increase the variety and quantity of products.

During this time, Newman’s Fuels decided to install the necessary infrastructure to provide 24 hour fuel in Blayney as the service station was still closing at 7pm.

So not to damage or take business away from the family leasing the service station, Newman’s decided to once again take over the business.

During the last five years we have updated the facilities and introduced the DVD store.

Over the last 40 years, the Newman family have employed many local people, sponsored local clubs and sporting teams, donated to various schools, day care

centres, the elderly and various organisations in the local area.

They purchase from local businesses where possible to support this town they have called their home for so many years.

The Newman family would like to thank the community for their ongoing support over the 40 years.

Extracted in full from the Blayney Chronicle.