Rhian Deutrom, 15 September 2015

QUEENSLAND fuel retailers could be required to increase the sale of their ethanol blended petrol by two-thirds under new reforms.

The Labor Government has today moved to make its planned ethanol mandate law, introducing a new Bill which if passed would increase the sale of E10 in Queensland by 20 per cent or 60 mega litres a year.

Energy Minister Mark Bailey said the reforms would help Queensland “transition to a clean energy economy”.

“This is a mandate to support the use of ethanol and biodiesel, as well as other emerging biofuels as they become available to market,” Mr Bailey said.

“Fuel retailers would need to sell one litre of E10 petrol for every four litres sold of regular unleaded petrol.”

Under the proposed changes two per cent of all fuel offered at petrol stations would need to be E10 and 0.5 per cent bio based diesel fuel — a fuel derived from plant or animal oils or waste.

“This starting level for the mandate retains consumer choice for the type of fuel that consumers wish to use, particularly for those who may have vehicles incompatible with ethanol blends,” Mr Bailey said.

If approved the reforms would commence in July next year.

Extracted in full from News.com.au.