21 September 2015

Tanker operators around Australia may soon see a number of changes designed to improve the safety of tanker operations, according to National Bulk Tanker Association (NBTA) Executive Director, Rob Perkins.

“Tanker operators are currently before the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (RSRT), with the outcome of that Tribunal expected later this year,” Perkins told CRTNews.

“In addition a number of jurisdictions are considering issues to do with tanker age and inspection procedures as well as a re-write of the tanker code AS2809,” he added.

“We have seen NSW EPA introduce roll stability as a compulsory standard for tankers and whilst other States have not shown an appetite for mandating change, the first shot has been fired in what will be inevitable change over time.”

Perkins said all of these issues are set to be discussed at the 2015 Bulk Tanker Day, to be held at Sandown Racecourse in Melbourne on 30 September and hosted by the NBTA.

“It’s a once a year opportunity to hear first hand from leading regulators, suppliers, operators and emergency responders what is happening and what you can do to stay ahead of the game,” said Perkins.

Extracted in full from Trailer Magazine.