22 September 2015

A Woolworths Service Station development for Tuncurry is being considered today by the Great Lakes Council.

An external planning consultant was engaged to assess the development application for the Lakes Way.

It came after a perceived conflict of interest was raised in a submission to the council.

Deputy Mayor Len Roberts said the development is recommended for approval subject to a range of conditions.

“Basically the standard conditions to do with any service station plus really tight, rigid, transport road manoeuvring matters onto the Lakes Way,” he said.

“In fact the RMS said it had no concerns, that it was for the council to determine.

“But it wanted to know the result and have a copy of the approval and the conditions.”

Cr Roberts said the perceived conflict of interest was because the council was involved in a lease agreement with the Woolworths supermarket, in Tuncurry.

He said there were only five objections to the development.

“It is a surprise after the angst about the Woolies supermarket that was built in Tuncurry where the number of submissions and objections was quite high,” he said.

“The five objections here seem to be from a neighbour and also from another service station operator.

“So it looks like people in the town are quite happy for it to go ahead.”

Extracted in full from ABC News.