On Monday 31 August 2015, ACAPMA relocated from shared offices in Parramatta to a dedicated office in North Sydney.

Over the past 4 years, Arthur J Gallagher (previously OAMPS) hosted the ACAPMA Secretariat within their offices in Macquarie Street, Parramatta.

“This arrangement worked really well for ACAPMA as it provided a cost-effective solution for a relatively small team”, said ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.

“As our revenue has grown, so has our team. It became apparent earlier this year that ACAPMA was going to need to move to slightly larger offices and to a location that was closer to the heart of the Sydney CBD”, said Mark.

“After a short search, we were able to secure offices in North Sydney that adequately accommodated the larger team without breaking our budget”, said Mark.

“I would like to sincerely thank Arthur J Gallagher for their assistance with our accommodation to this point and reassure all that the close working relationship between ACAPMA and Arthur J Gallagher will continue despite the physical relocation of the Secretariat”, said Mark.

ACAPMA’s phone contact and email details remain unchanged and our contact details are as follows:

Name: Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association
Street Address: Suite 1206, 56 Berry Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060
Postal Address: As above
Phone: 1300 160 270
Email: communications@acapma.com.au
Website: www.acapma.com.au