The Victorian Environmental Protection Agency recently launched a self evaluation compliance checklist and reporting mechanism to assist retail petroleum outlets in achieving compliance with existing EPA regulations. ACAPMA is working with the regulator and the industry to ensure all parties understand their responsibilities and can work towards compliance together.

The Monitoring For Leaks Checklist has been designed to help all parties in the retail petroleum site operation (and ownership) chain, assess their current performance against the long established EPA VIC UPSS Guidelines.  The Guidelines set out the minimum requirements for the management of UPSS to protect people, property and the environment.  The Guidelines, fully titled EPA Guidelines on the design, installation and management requirements for underground petroleum storage systems, are available to view on the EPA VIC website;

Retail petroleum sites have been contacted directly by the EPA regarding the completion of the self evaluation checklist and the reporting of findings to the EPA.  The communication from the EPA outlines that retail petroleum site owners and operators should undertake to complete the Monitoring for Leaks Checklist and retain a copy for their records. Site owners and operators should then complete the Summary Report and return it to the EPA within 2 weeks, either by post or online.  Site owners and operators who have multiple site can also lodge Summary Reports in a multiple site format online.

The submission of Summary Reports from retail petroleum site owners and operators will be followed up by a series of inspections from the EPA in late 2015.  The inspections will target Non Reporting businesses (those that did not submit a Summary Report) and locations first, with random locations also selected from the Reporting group.

In communications the EPA has made it clear that this program is about ensuring that the UPSS are being monitored and checked to ensure operations are safe and compliant.  The EPA further explains that “EPA will work with those operators who demonstrate a willingness to comply (by completing the Summary report and notifying EPA early of any issues on their site) to negotiate timeframes for completing any necessary remedial actions.”

The EPA is also seeking information on site owners and operators thoughts and experiences around UPSS and its management and enforcement.  Comments can be contributed anonymously online via;

Retail petroleum site owners and operators in Victoria who have not yet received communication from the EPA, who are concerned about achieving the 2 week reporting window or who are seeking advice or assistance with completing their checklist can contact ACAPMA on 1300 160 270.