The NSW Government is currently reviewing its’ legislative options for promoting the growth of biofuels in NSW. It is understood that amongst the options being discussed is a requirement for the sale of the fuel at all service stations in NSW and/or the prohibition of regular unleaded petrol (RULP) in NSW.

In light of these developments, ACAPMA is again mobilising to fight against any legislative options that add unnecessary cost for small to medium fuel retail businesses and/or remove fuel choice for consumers.

Earlier this year, the NSW Government commenced work on the revision of legislation requiring the sale of ethanol blended fuels in NSW.

This review was initiated against the background of falling sales of E10, largely as a result of consumers apparently preferring to pay more in an effort to avoid purchasing this fuel. (This consumer avoidance behaviour is evidenced by the fact that sales of premium petroleum in NSW are now more than double the Australian national average).

“Any objective analysis of the NSW experience with the legislative mandate of biofuels is that it has failed – largely as a result of the government trying to foist a product on consumers that they simply don’t want”, said ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie.

But instead of conceding this point, and apparently encouraged by biofuels producers, ACAPMA understands that the NSW Government is actually seeking to strengthen the legislation.

“Amongst the options being considered is a new proposal to ban the sale of regular unleaded petrol in favour of E10, said Mark.

While such a proposal may benefit a very small number of biofuel producers, it will increase costs for fuel retailers and remove choice for consumers”, said Mark.

“In an effort to fight any suggestions that a ban be reintroduced (as originally legislated in 2009), ACAPMA is seeking to mobilise the industry and motorists on this issue”, said Mark.

The first stage of the campaign is a social media campaign via Facebook that was launched late last week.

To support the campaign, simply like our Facebook Page “Fight for Fuel Choice” and provide a comment.

Further information about this initiative can be obtained by contacting the ACAPMA Secretariat on 1300 160 270.