02 October 2015

MACLEAN’S emergency preparedness has gained a boost with local fire officers conducting Emergency Response Training at Puma Energy’s Maclean fuel depot.

As part of a regular training program, Fire and Rescue NSW Maclean Brigade conducts emergency response sessions in key locations – such as fuel depots – where an emergency could occur.

Puma Energy representatives were involved in the training this week which simulated fire scenarios, a man down situation and other emergency conditions.

Puma Energy NSW Territory Manager Neill Smith said hosting the training was a no-brainer for the energy company.

“This type of practical training is critical, not just for our emergency services, but for organisations like Puma Energy because it ensures we have close links with vital emergency services in our community,” Mr Smith said.

“The safety of our employees and the communities we operate in is our number one priority and we have stringent safety procedures in place which have meant we have never needed to activate this level of emergency response.

“But a failure to plan is a plan to fail, so as part of our commitment to safe and sustainable practices, we actively seek out training and support programs for our staff.

“Having the opportunity to participate in Emergency Response Training with the Maclean Fire Brigade has been fantastic. Their team is incredibly skilled and capable and the community should feel very safe having them around.”

Extracted in full from the Daily Examiner.